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RV Sewer Dump Instructions

Dumping the Holding Tanks:

  1. First make sure the dump valve is closed.
  2. Remove the sewer drain cap and attach the sewer adapter and drain hose to the dump valve drain outlet. Place the other end of the drain hose into the sewer or dump station inlet. Push the hose firmly far enough into the opening to be secure. In some cases adapters may be necessary between the line and the inlet.
  3. Arrange the sewer hose so it slopes evenly and is supported to maintain the slope.
  4. Dump the black water holding tank first. Grasp the handle of the black water knife valve (the large one) firmly and slide the valve open with a quick, steady pull. IMPORTANT: Always open the dump valve with a quick jerk to give the desired flushing effect.
  5. Allow enough time for the tank to drain completely. Rinse and flush the tank and drain hose through the toilet with a bucket of water or a hose. When the tank flow stops, push the handle in to close the valve. Run enough water into the tank to cover the bottom. This will aid the break up of solid wastes.
  6. When using a sewer hook-up system in a park, it is recommended to keep the dump valve closed on the black water tank until it is full. This will help prevent accumulation of waste material that could clog the system.
  7. To dump the gray water tank, repeat the steps above using the small knife valve. The gray water knife valve may be left open in a semipermanent hookup.

IMPORTANT: Do not dump both tanks at the same time. Also, it is recommended that you add several gallons of water to each holding tank and dump a second time in order to thoroughly rinse tanks and drain hose.

For a more detail desciption on how to dump the holding tanks.

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