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Is there a Standard Phonetic Alphabet for RVers?

Letter Word Spoken As
A Alpha al - fah
B Bravo brah - voh
C Charlie char - lee
D Delta dell - tah
E Echo ech - oh
F Foxtrot foks - trot
G Golf golf
H Hotel hoh - tell
I India in - dee - ah
J Juliet jew - lee - ett
K Kilo key - loh
L Lima lee - mah
M Mike mike
N November no - vem - bah
O Oscar oss - cah
P Papa pah - pah
Q Quebec key - beck
R Romeo row - me - oh
S Sierra see - air - rah
T Tango tang - go
U Uniform you - nee - form
V Victor vick - tah
W Whisky wiss - key
X X-Ray ecks - ray
Y Yankee yang - key
Z Zulu zoo - loo

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