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Visitors comments & feedback

Visitors comments & feedback received by Sanidumps.com

Visitors comments & feedback

Here are some of the comments and feedback that Sanidumps.com has received from emails and reviews from other websites. If you find our site helpful or have a suggestion, please send us your comments.

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Know where to dump your tanks

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George A.

"John, Thank you for creating sanidumps. I have found it to be very useful."


"Thanks John, Love your website... have used it many times!"

Donna N.

"Thanks for updating. And thanks for maintaining this very useful website. Cheers"

Barb W.

"Thanks so much. We certainly appreciate this website so glad we could help. All the best."

Annie H.

"Thank you very much for the quick response. We appreciate the edit, this should help on our end and your users end. Thank you for the service you are providing with your site. It was the first time I had visited, and it was very easy finding the information I was needing to verify."


"Thank you for your quick response and for updating the info on our Campground. Your website is a great resource and I will be telling people that call us to go to your website. Thanks again!"


"Hi John, Thank you so much for updating the information. We appreciate the work you put into the website to create a great resource for campers!"


"You're welcome, John. I couldn't exist without your website. Invaluable!"


"Our customers (RV dealership - sales and rentals) rely on this site - we all appreciate it! Thank you"


"Thanks so much John, appreciate the prompt assistance. Cheers"


"That's very cool! Thanks. We are now planning a camping trip for this weekend, now that I have found a place I can dump my tanks. It seems that 90% of the sanidumps here close for the winter, so I’m very glad to have discovered your site. Cheers"

Chris B.

"Thanks for the great site! It's makes life much easier! I can tell you 3 months ago I would have thought it was the craziest website in the world now it's a lifesaver."


"Thank you. I was glad to have this info, so I can forward it onto people looking for dump station."

Terry B.

"I couldn't exist without your website. Invaluable!"

Amy L.

"Thanks for the site, it's been helpful. :)"

Gary O.

"Thank you for your website... I spent over a half hour searching crap on the internet, trying to find a good site without all the junk ads... I appreciate your concern for the people that love planet earth, our home and feel the need to share this with others... Thanks again"

Lindsay K.

"Excellent and very useful site. I will submit any info I can to help keep your database current."


"Speaking of Google, one thing I just happened to try was typing 'sanidumps havre' into the search engine. Lo and behold, up came the right page! Thanks for making it so easy :)"

MN State Park

"Thanks John - we appreciate your response. Going forward, when asked by customers, 'where's the best place to dump?' we will recommend your website for reference. Thanks again for your help."

Tammy B.

"Outstanding! This has been such a great resource on our trip from Salt Lake City to LA & up the PCH 1 to Canada. Every dump site has been exactly what was stated. Absolutely we will be donating to keep this site going. We are so happy to have found this site."


"Thank you. We find your site a wonderful tool for our travels."


"Great website. I found it today and made good use of it! Thanks. Worth a donation for the money we saved."


"Thanks John! You provide a great service! Was looking for a place and found the state park 5 miles away based on your site."


"Hi John, My pleasure to help keep your website current. Thank you for maintaining this site, we are new to RVing and this is a fantastic resource."


"Hi John, Your website is so useful, and I'm using it every week :-) I traveled across the USA, and I'm in Canada now. Keep on the good work! Tks a lot"

Bob G.

"Hello Sanidumps Team, First off, thanks for maintaining such a valuable resource for RV enthusiasts. Your site is easy to use and informative. I am writing because I came across your links section and had a couple of resources I wanted to recommend. They are high-quality sites and I think your visitors would benefit from them. I just wanted to check with you first to see if it's okay if I send them over for your review. Thanks a lot."

Editor note: Thank you for your comments Bob, and yes we will add your links to the links section for high-quality sites.


"Love your site, very helpful."

Doug M.

"One thing I really like about your site is that because you do the actual update yourself, it is very consistent. Other sites often give free rein to the submitters, some of whom have terrible direction and/or writing skills."

Stephen B.

"John, Thank you for your valuable service I have used off and on for the past 3 years while on the road, and I am more than happy to help you with the information I find."

Daniel Craik

"We are just getting into the RV thing and learning that certain info is invaluable. The service you guys offer is certainly in the INVALUABLE! Category. Many thanks for your endeavors."


"Thanks for the site, it really helps! Can I suggest that the water symbol be color-coded to indicate types of water available? It seems confusing to indicate water available with the symbol, but then say non-potable. To most people with RVs, if we're dumping waste, we usually need to fill back up with fresh. Perhaps a system to denote: rinse or non-potable-only water available. This way, the wording can be eliminated, and help make it clear at a glance what kind of water is available. Thank you for the site, and thank you for reading my suggestion, and I hope it is something you can incorporate. If the symbol is updated as each listing is update, or as time permits, is better than nothing. :)"

Editor note: We just implemented Jayne suggestion using slightly different colours, thank you, Jayne, for the suggestion. The symbol is updated with each update automatically.

Potable & Rinse Water
Rinse Water
Water Available
No Water Available
Potable & Rinse Water
Rinse Water
Water Available
No Water Available

Annie H.

"HelloThank you very much for the quick response. We appreciate the edit, this should help on our end and your users end. Thank you for the service you are providing with your site. It was the first time I had visited, and it was very easy finding the information I was needing to verify."

Rhonda F.

"Hello! Thank you for this great website. I believe it is the best reference for finding an RV dump station."

Denise L.

"Thank you, I appreciate very much, and you are a man of honor, you have given your word. I will recommend my friends to order your books. Thank you very much."

Marilyn (eBook Winner)

"I realize I never thanked you for this! Very useful for times when I'm offline and out of internet signal range while on the road. Thanks too for the very helpful website. As a boondocker, Sanidumps is an important resource."


"Thanks for the book and the course. Really got a lot out of it. We'll see you again."


"And thank you, John, We have never had a dumping station here but were continually receiving visitors who had seen it on the website. I was very grateful to find your site was easy to 'update'. Thank YOU for that. Have a wonderful day."

Editor note: Shawn is referring to a location submitted to us in error.


"Great! You are most welcome. We were coming back from the Sierras and found your site on Google. Took us right to the spot. Worked out perfect for us."


"Thanks for the book and the course. Really got a lot out of it. We'll see you again."

Ed & Sharline

"Thanks for the aforementioned e booklet - it is just jam packed with great info."


"John, It is a great website, thanks for all the hard work."


"Thanks for being here. I am heading to Yosemite this summer and realized I booked a campground with no dump station. Thanks to you, that issue has been solved by your listing of RV friendly dump stations. So thanks again."

Wayne and Jan Wilkie

"Hi John, I always enjoy talking with you and your presentations at the Snowbird RV shows. Last week was no exception. In fact, as a result of you comments regarding keeping the coach batteries charged and your numerous solar panels (on your own RV), I decided to add another 160 watt panel to my existing 145 watt panel, which I only installed this Spring, to enhance the charging of my six 6 volt battery bank."
"I have been most impressed with even the one 145 watt panel in that it maintains my battery voltage usually in the high 12 to 13 volt range. To be honest, though, we do not use our 2,000 watt Go-Power inverter a lot, but we do not sacrifice its use either. The Go-Power solar system with the inverter has been a joy to use and has made our camping experience much, much more pleasant. We can now watch TV while dry camping or a small fan in the bedroom for hot summer nights. We only used our generator once this past year to run the air conditioner for a couple of hours one afternoon."
"At the Spring 2012 Earlybird RV Show, I talked with you about the Tech-Edge Tank Monitor System as I was considering installing it on our Montana 5th wheel. With all previous tank sensor systems I have had in my several RVs, the current installed tank monitors in our 5r did not work properly, and I was very frustrated with them. I considered replacing the sensors and the first one I took out of our grey water tank was really very clean, so I put it back in."
"I decided to install the Tech-Edge system and I installed their i-Series system this past Spring. It took quite an effort to get at the tanks, but I installed the tape sensors on all four tanks, and can now see, as you know, the percentage level of each tank. Calibrating the tanks was easy after the wiring was done. The system works very well, and I am no longer frustrated. I would certainly recommend the Tech-Edge product, thank you for your product reviews - Wayne"

Editor note: See John's product reviews, Solar and RV Holding Tank Monitor.

Glory MacTavish

"I got your website from an RV dealer that I called in St. Albert Alberta. I was looking for a sani dump and had no idea where to go after the phone book gave me nothing. I am a new RVer and don't know much about much when it comes to RVs so your site has been super helpful. Thanks so much!"

Fae Gisler

"Hey John, We are new travel trailer owners (live in California Sierras) and, I have to tell you, your website has been really helpful! We're learning all the ins and outs of traveling with a trailer, and I've referred to your information many times."

Danny Jenkins

"Just wanted to thank you for all the checklists you made available. Very helpful."

Steve Emmert

"Hello, my wife and family attended a reunion in WI, and we took our camper. I thought I might have to wait to dump the tanks till we went camping again. And then I stumbled across a website you had with a list of sani dump sites. It sure was a big help to us, didn't mind paying the fees to prevent complications in the near future. Thanks Again for supplying a helpful service to travelers."

Mike S.

"I got your email and went straight to the app store. Downloaded the free one to see what it was like. It is so beautifully simple and straight forward. Unlike the other brand version which had too many settings (to narrow the search?) and from a quick view didn't list a lot. I'm now downloading the paid version as I type just like I said I would if it was worth it and have already started spreading the word. Thanks for sending me the heads-up."

Editor note: The above is regarding our iPhone app.

Tony Q.

"John, Thank YOU for keeping the largest database updated on a timely basis. I maintain a website as a volunteer webmaster and it's a thankless job most of the time. If you're doing this alone, you ROCK!"

Editor note: John does all the updates and most of the data entry, Chris (John's wife also does data entry).

Tom C.

"Happy to have added a very small part to your very useful service, John. Thank you for your work."

Craig H.

"Hi John! Great to hear back from you. You helped me win a bet. My wife said you guys were too busy to get back with me. So I guess I owe you one now! Thanks for the great service you provide. Take care, Craig."

Craig H.

"We use your site a lot and get a lot from it. Thank you for all that you do. I had a neighbor at the last RV park we were at near San Antonio, TX introduce me to a neat site you may want to add to your link list."

Editor note: done, see Travel / RVing Information It is a do-it-yourself rv projects and ideas. We have gotten a some real gems from them. We hope all is well, Take Care, Craig.

Kirsten A.

"Thank you, Sanidumps.com! After the local rest area (with dump station closed) recently, we were stumped on where to dump. A quick Google search brought up your site, and now I have a whole list of local dump sites."

Dale M.

"Great site - glad I found! As I begin to use this site, where/how can I find RV locations that would also have drinking water available to refill my RV tanks to not travel with excessive loads? e.g., I will be traveling over the passes. I would prefer to have my potable water tanks empty while driving up the pass. Then fill up water afterwards. Can you advise? Thank you and sincerely, Dale M."

Editor note: Several years ago we started to list the availability and type of water. We welcome RVers to submit water, big rig, GPS coordinates, and seasonally information.

Joann G.

"This sounds like it's great, and it's safer for everyone to drive with their tank emptied, I'm going to tell all my friends about it, Thanks"


"Thanks John, only found out about it through a guest, so very valuable. Kind regards Jan"

Nick B.

"This is a very helpful site, and we use the information as a quick and easy reference when people ask about area dump stations."

James B.

"Thanks so much for this service. I just completed 7000 miles across the country, this website was indispensable for obvious reasons. I am glad to contribute to it. I only hope others will be as proactive."

B.J. Dacko

"So glad to find your site! We did notice an error... However, there is... that does exist. It does have a pump out station. Thank you for a such a great resource!"

MW Maillet

"This is a great site! I just moved from Kelowna British Columbia to Nova Scotia and assumed dump stations would be a non issue. In Kelowna there's about 7 dump stations at gas stations, not to mention RV parks - along Hwy. 97 within about 18 kms. In Nova Scotia there is only dump stations at RV Parks. I was aware of the one at the Big Stop in New Minas, but unfortunately they eliminated it. It amazes me how Nova Scotia which relies so heavily on tourism can overlook something so essential. Why Irving who have all these truck stops don't cash in on the extra business is beyond me. I guess the idea is that if you starve RV'rs of something as essential as a sanidump, they will break down and go to a RV Park. Problem there isn't nearly enough sites available at peak season. Also, many people are simply parking at homes from other parts of the country, still spending money as tourists do."

Kent S.

"Great website and anything I can do to help."

Editor note: We can always use help with validating and updating our listings.

Barbara P.

"Was in our local shire office and a lady traveller was cranky because we don't have one in our town. She demanded to know why we didn't. I felt that if you are traveling distances that you would organize ahead of time to be sure you had somewhere to dump. My friends who belong to a caravan club told me there is a booklet you can get, the lady concerned said hers was 2010. Hey get an update will see what can be done for the future. Apologies to the girls at the shire would have been nice as it wasn't their fault. This site is a good example and has great info. Thanks Barbara"

Kristi C.

"Hello, I found out about your website and wanted to see if our campground was listed. It is, but you have us as _____, with which we are no longer affiliated. You have a very helpful site for those traveling to unfamiliar places. Thank you for all your hard work!"


"Thank you for running the site! We have found it very helpful in our travels."

George W.

"My big problem was finding a sani-dump that was open in Northern Ontario in April. With your information I found a free one only 4 blocks from where I got an internet connection. It took me only minutes to dump and go... they told me I was the first one to use it this year. Thank you VERY MUCH!"


"Thanks for all you do!"


"It is my great pleasure. Your site is frequently a godsend to us boondockers on a tight budget. Thank YOU."

Josh S.

"John, Your website is great. We used it extensively last summer while traveling coast to coast."

Ken R.

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. First time using. Took a trip to Winnipeg Manitoba to Calgary Alberta. First Motor Home and with your site so easy to find dump stations, and information on how to dump properly. I am a big fan and will prompt your site where ever my travels take me. Once again, Thank You"

Rich & Joanne

"We are newbies to RV'ing and appreciate all the info out there on the web on sites like yours. Love's was the only place I knew of but, now with your e-book I will know better as to where we can dump after a dry camping site."

Mike F. with a dog named Blue

"Hi, Just found your site... it's great! Love it, I had no idea there were so many RV Blogs. Would you consider mine too? I've been traveling fulltime for nearly 3 years and started my blog about the same time. It's an eclectic RV life rambling with emphasis on Images, Video and interactive panoramas. Thanks so much for your site."


"Good morning John, We used that sanidump location yesterday as we put our rig back into storage after our Alaska trip. It's 'hidden in plain site' so we ended up asking an employee, but they were very helpful. Glad to help. Great site you have! Sincerely, Mary"


"I can imagine this can be a job to maintain. Thanks for keeping it up. I'll be visiting another one tomorrow night, so I'll give you an update on that one then. Thanks again"

Pete B.

"Just finished our Eastern Canada trip 2009, and thanks to Sanidumps.com, our trip was an even greater success. Thanks so much, and we will certainly make a donation to this very helpful site so to help stay online when we need it. It has saved us so much money. Time to give back! Thanks so much Sani-Dump!"

Cynthia P.

"I have never used your site since last night. Then found this location which is closer to where we are traveling, but wanted to be a part of keeping your site up to date. I will be using you again. Keep up the good work."

Mary D.

"Thanks for your reply & thanks for the great site. We have (like a lot of people) had to economize and are staying free or in forest service campgrounds so your site it really helpful."

Joan from Yahoo Groups - Dump station locator reminder (submitted to us anonymously)

"I just finished making a dump station locator list for an upcoming trip -- the things I do for fun on a Saturday evening; wow! ;-) -- and wanted to remind board readers of this website:


I've used this site for some time, and have found it to be comprehensive and accurate. The site owners do rely on user shadow-sm p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded to keep the site updated, so if you find that a dump station listing doesn't reflect current conditions, or if you find a dump station that isn't listed, please let the site owners know what the change(s) is/are."


"Just found your website -- it is great! One question -- what does the asterisk in the box for 'user fees' mean? Thanks for doing this"

Editor note: The asterisk indicates the user fee is unknown, there may be a user fee, or it may be free.

Bill B.

"Thanks for being the keeper of the 'Dump'"

Tyler P.

"This is a super useful website... I've got an RV with full tanks, and now I know where to go... and will know where all dumps are now... thanks for setting up this wonderful site"

Name Withheld

"John, many thanks for your response.

We are presently in deep do do. We are a specialized subgroup of RV'ers. We use our trailer about 15 times a year but 14 of those trips we boondock at special events. We have relied exclusively on the New Minas Big stop to dump. We fill up our gas tank at their pumps and usually eat at their restaurant as well (that is after washing our hands :) )

The village of New Minas forced them to pave over their RV dump station. I have had a full black water tank for almost two weeks, and we head off to another event this Friday... I have contacted a bunch of RV sites without any luck... hence my e-mail to you...

What some of our friends are now doing is pulling over to the side of the road (when it is dark) and dumping on the ditch... We are pondering this ourselves even though I don't want it to come to this...

I have thought of digging a hole on my property and burying a 50 gal drum...

I have also looked at one of those portable dumpers and taking it downstairs to empty into our drains... my wife doesn't like this...

Nova Scotia wants all the tourist dollars they can get but keep doing stupid things like this... this drives me nutz... I have no idea what we are going to do."

Editor note: We are receiving more and more emails like this one, we have sent an email with several green solutions. Has your city done the same thing?

Jim S.

"Thanks for your site. I found one in my hometown which is hard to beat!!!"

Lynette (& Richard) B.

"THANK YOU!!! I just found your website while trying to locate the nearest dump station to our home (our camper was returned without being emptied by a relative that had it for a month). Thanks to your site I found one less than a mile from my work that is free and about 2 miles from my home with a small charge!!! I can't thank you enough!!!"

Campervan Rental from Campervan Rental Blog (submitted to us anonymously)

"Are you planning to rent a self-contained (e.g. shower/toilet) Motorhome this year? No trip should be planned without consulting Sanidumps.com - They have a massive global list RV Dumping Stations for your wastewater!"
"The site is quite information has almost every dump station under the sun!"


"Thank you for creating a very useful site. My wife and I did our first RVing early last year and discovered that any sanidumps we went to were still closed, until we got as far south as Cache Creek, British Columbia. It would be awesome if there was something on this site to indicate when sanidumps have been activated after the winter months."

Editor note: Sanidumps.com lists the operating season of RV dump sites if the information has been submitted. We welcome updates providing this information and any other information that would be of value for the RVer.


"Thank you for making this service available. It is an excellent resource, and was of GREAT value to me this past weekend. I tried 4 places, either in person or on the phone, with no success. I eventually found the Flying J from your list. It was a frustrating afternoon.  :(  "

Frank B. from RVForum.net - Sani-dump and RV dump directory for North America (submitted to us anonymously)

"I only found two links in the whole forum to this useful site:


This is a very comprehensive and frequently updated list of available sani-dumps in the US and Canada (and Australia and New Zealand). They encourage users to update the list.

I came across it with a web search while I was looking for an alternative to the sani-dump near our place that has been closed recently. This very detailed list found me one even closer to home than what I had been using.

Like I say, I only found two links for it, and neither were in a topic where it would be featured. So here I am featuring it."

Bruce & Bonnie

"Our Testimonials of the Sanidumps.com website; Where RVers find RV dump stations."
"My boyfriend & I traveled across Canada this summer (2008) in our Motor Coach. We were on the road for 3 months altogether. While traveling around the many Canadian provinces, we needed a useful tool to find sanidumps. We had a laptop on board with internet connection, so we googled "sanidumps". To our surprise we found Sanidumps.com. A free, online service that provides information on all available sanidump stations across Canada."
"While visiting the many listed sanidumps, we found very accurate information, and when there was missing / changed / new information, we would email John the updated information & the update would be done within 24 hours. Because of this website, our trip went smoother than expected. I support this website and John Clarke 100% for his professional service & website. Thanks for everything John. Sincerely, Bruce & Bonnie"

Christian R.

"Hi John! You work too hard - it's too late... LOL!!"
"The new map function is absolutely priceless - thanks for the great work!"
"I am on the road in my RV as a federal inspector 9-10 months out of the year and your site has been a great help! After getting stuck in Northern Minnesota in January at temperatures down to 50 below and too much snow to get into any of the year-round RV parks, I ended up in a truck stop on Lake Superior for 2 weeks on generators... and learned about the problems with frozen dumps and the idiots who cause them by carelessly spilling a bunch of water in arctic temperatures..."
"I am starting to approach treatment plants wherever I am as I believe most of them have an interest in preventing illegal dumping. Anytime you do not have to drive far out of the way and pay 5 bucks or less for a dump and often the ability to flush and refill the freshwater tanks is a great help, especially in the wintertime when many stations shut down because they are afraid of getting the dump plugged with ice!"

T.C. M.

"I have looked at numerous other sites and find yours to be the most inclusive and easy to navigate. I fully intend to utilize your site to complete my 'BOOK' so that I do not have to rely on other or outdated material. Thanks for the great functionality of your site. Good show."


"Thanks a lot for your website, it has been an excellent tool on our across Canada tour. Cheers"

Tony and Karen

"As full time RVers we have found Sanidumps.com to be a great source for finding up to date and accurate information on dump stations and fresh water locations. It's not only saved us money by providing directions to free RV dump stations but also saved us many hours of time and fuel."

Barb R.

"We crossed Canada in 2003 before we knew about such a site as this. There is nothing so stressful as having a full tank and nowhere to dump. But now, thanks to all the hard work John and the gang have put into this site we are never left having to 'hold it.' More than that, I sat in their presentation at a RV Lifestyle Seminar in June 2008 and learned more about holding tanks than we ever thought we didn't know."
"Two RV's later we really thought we knew what we were doing... Wrong! No one tells you how to maintain the tanks when you buy an RV especially if it's second hand, and then we wonder why the sensor lights stay on full even after we dump. Now we know about how to empty them, how to maintain them, and my favorite... about the ice cube trick. These guys could be making a fortune on this valuable information, but instead they are giving it away just because they are RV'ers and care. Keep up the good work. I will continue to give out your cards with each 'RV Canada On A Dime And A Dream' book I sell."

Michel F.

"It is a great idea that GPS locations are available, I will soon find out how it works."


"Great site re sanitation. In discussing the sanitation dump signs we see on the road in California, we noticed that most are in brown but some are in blue and some in your image database are grey or green. What, if anything, do the different colors mean? Thanks for your help."

Sanidumps.com - From our observation, here is what we have seen:

  • Brown: State and national parks in the USA, also national parks in Canada
  • Blue: Road side information signs (mostly rest area dump stations in the USA/Canada) or private campgrounds (usually at exits along with gas stations, restaurants etc.)
  • Grey: We understand is Australia
  • Green: Beside Sanidumps.com, other environmental businesses

There are no hard and fast rules.

Tessa H.

"Thank YOU for maintaining that terrifically helpful site! :)"

Linda J.

"What a treasure this site is. I will make a point to get back to you if I notice any closures, etc. Keep up the good work."

Frank S.

"Hi, useful site!" _____ "doesn't have a sani dump anymore. I live 10 km from the" ________ "and went there to dump my tanks last year and was told the facility is now closed."

Bill K.

"We greatly appreciate the information you provide. Your website is certainly a credit to the RV community."

Sid B.

"Just read about your site on RV Times. Very impressive."

Mike J.

"Thanks for a great site. Yours is by far the best dump site I've found. I gave you a few updates/additions."

Matthew L.

"Hi, great site. I just wanted to let you know we have another sanidump here in Banff Alberta located in the industrial compound on Hawk Ave. this is open year round and is maintained by the Town of Banff."

Mike D.

"Hi, Great site, thank you."


"Thanks for a very useful database. I just returned from Yuma a couple of weeks ago and finding a dump site before we got into the freeze zone would have been helpful. We will certainly be accessing it for our future trips."


"The site is a great resource. May I suggest GPS files for either each state or for the country as a whole. This way, full-timers or anyone can just download the file and put it in their GPS units for easy access. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

Christian R.

"Thanks for your great site!"

Scott G.

"Well, it's taken some time to get back to you on the sani-dump situation up the Cassiar Highway (37), but here is what I found. Our route took us from the Kitwanga Junction with Highway 16/37, north to the Meziadin Junction, out to Stewart, then back out from there and north again through Iskut, Dease Lake and up to the Alaska Highway."
"The last public sani-station on the Cassiar is at Kitwanga Junction. After that, it is private RV campgrounds only. As indicated by the BC Parks Service, none of the Provincial campgrounds along the highway have any dumping facilities. Generally, the private RV campgrounds do and most will allow you to dump your tanks if you ask them. People will probably stop at one private stops along the way anyway, so, depending on your rig and timetable, this should be enough. Sometimes they charge a small fee, and sometimes they just say go ahead. A few are a bit huffy about it and won't allow anyone but paying guests to use their facilities. On the other hand, in most of these cases, unless you are camping in that private facility or another one in the area, you won't be camping anywhere because there is no other choice, so the problem sort of resolves itself."
"Mountain Shadow Resort in Iskut has a good sani-dump for their RV section (they have a separate tent-only campground). Stop at the office on the way in to the RV area to ask permission to use it. There are a few other private RV camps in the area, and we heard from the locals that most don't mind letting you use their facilities as long as you ask politely. We could not find a dump facility in Dease Lake but there may be one, and we just didn't run in to anyone who could tell us about it. When you reach the junction with the Alaska Highway, the RV camp on the southwest corner will let you use theirs for free. One thing is for sure, there is an opportunity for someone to run a summer roadside services business that includes RV related things like sani-dumps, RV parts, tire repair, etc. as these things are few and far between up that way. Anyone going up there should make sure that they are well-prepared because services are limited."

Jay R.

"Glad to help with this excellent site. I thought my directions were too verbose compared to others, but you have parsed them up appropriately. I'll post more updates as I find them."

Lindsay C.

"Hi John, I called them all, and I think they misunderstood sani dump for oil dump -- yes, one can dump oil at the" _____ "locations, but as far as I could tell they never did have any kind of sani dump... which is unfortunate for us as there is absolutely nowhere nearby we can find that has an RV dump. A real problem for those of us who like to dry camp. Even so, your site provides a great service, so thank you for doing it! Best, Lindsay"

Kurt R.

"Thanks for the great site. Is there any chance you will put your data in the format for GPS (CSV, GPX etc.)? Thanks again for a very useful site."

Brenda S.

"Great site! We own our little RV park in Colorado, but we travel in our Coach a lot... so your site will be very helpful to us!"

Mikel R.

"This is a great site. There is also another dump station in Petaluma CA."


"Great site and very useful information. We know of a station that is not listed. It is located in Tiffin, Ohio. No charge."


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George and the TiogaRV Team

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Tony & Karen

"Hi Sanidump guy, Just validating this site plus adding the free note. We full time and boondock a lot so this site is very helpful. I don't want to overwhelm you with emails but do you want all working dump sites to be validated? I've only been sending changes or additions, but I'll send validations if it's helpful. Thanks for your work!"

Editor note: Yes please send validations as it is helpful, and we love to hear from you.


"The new maps are great! Thanks! We just used a dump station today and I wanted to confirm that it's still there and in good condition."

Editor note: With the information Karen provided this location now has GPS coordinates.

Donna P.

"Picked up your card at the Humdinger RV Show. Thanks for this information. I did notice you misspelled Abbotsford. It only has one T. I will be sending your web address on to friends in Holiday Trails Resorts and Thousand Trails/Naco. Thanks Again!"


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Scott G.

"I find this web site to be very useful, even locally where we have sanidump's that are completely unadvertised (for example, a local gas station that has one, and they don't even have a sign-up on the property, never mind listing it with RV groups or publications)."
"I am wondering if anyone knows about sanidump's along Highway 37 in northern B.C. your list shows one in Kitwanga at the southern end of the highway and one in Iskut part way up that notes it is "free when staying at the campground (Mountain Shadow RV Park)", although it isn't clear whether you can use it for a fee if you aren't staying there."
"Apparently, none of the Provincial campgrounds along the way have sanidump's and that highway is quite long with many camping areas of interest (you can camp anywhere along the way, it is that deserted) so if there are other dumps that anyone knows about along the highway, I'd like to know about them as I am planning a trip up that way. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. SG"

Editor note: Can anyone help SG? Send the information you have to Sanidumps.com and we will post it for all to use.

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Susan P.

"Most RVers don't know this, but you can dump for Free at almost any wastewater treatment plant. I have a friend who works at one, and she tells me sometimes RVers just stop in and ask to dump. They pull a manhole cover, and off you go! Not all treatment plants are staffed 24 hours a day, but those in cities would be. Just one more thing to keep in mind. This is a great site!"


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Thank you,

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