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Easy Living Camping & RV Park
in Barrys Bay, ON

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sewer caps and dump station lids

Location: Tesoro 2GO


Address: Mile 90 Seward Highway
Girdwood, Alaska, USA, 99587
Phone: +1-907-783-2562

Driving Directions: intersection of Alyeska Highway with mile 90 of Seward Highway, South of Anchorage; turn into driveway at East end of station, go straight back, then swing around Left and come back to fresh fill and dump as you're facing South towards Seward Hwy.

Notes: gas, diesel and propane; potable water is before dump, so fill fresh water, then advance to dump station; propane fill is last in line after fresh fill and dump

Water Available: potable and rinse water (non-potable) available

Season / Operational:  

Dump Station User Fee: $5.00

GPS coordinates:

Latitude:60.94061°60° 56.43648'60° 56' 26"North
Longitude:-149.17111°149° 10.26666'149° 10' 16"West

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