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RV Dump station near Scarsdale New York

Welcome to the Scarsdale New York section of Sanidumps.com where you can find the location of RV "dump stations" or "sani dump stations" or "dump points" based on local preference. The time zone for this area is America/New_York (EST/EDT), Scarsdale New York does follow daylight saving.

Is there a RV dump station near Scarsdale New York not listed? Click to register the RV dump station.

Map View of RV Dump Stations in New York

To view a map of New York dump station click the map icon:

Map of RV Dump Stations

Dump Station locations near Scarsdale New York:

The recreational vehicle dump stations listed below are approximately station from Scarsdale New York given 'as-the-crow-fly's' distance (direct, not by roadways, ignoring hills, mountains, waterways, ferries, etc.) and sorted by city name.

* RV Dump stations near Scarsdale New York without GPS coordinates are not listed.

To change the radius for RV dump to 40 miles (64 kms) from Scarsdale New York .

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** Locations listed may be available depending on the season **
Hawthorne, NY
Westchester County Public Dump Station
Westchester County Public Dump Station details and area map
• Latitude: 41.108
• Longitude: -73.803
• Open year round; Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
• rinse water (non-potable) available
• dump station is big rig friendly
Dump Station should be availableRinse Water AvailableBig Rig Friendly

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Huntington, NY
Huntington Treatment Plant
Huntington Treatment Plant details and area map
• Latitude: 40.883
• Longitude: -73.421
• Open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.; Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
• potable and rinse water (non-potable) available
• dump station is big rig friendly
Potable and Rinse Water AvailableBig Rig FriendlyPhone Available
Some of this information has been provided courtesy of: John D.; Al

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Old Bethpage, NY
Battle Row Campground
Battle Row Campground details and area map
• campground open April through October; dump station open year round
• Latitude: 40.762
• Longitude: -73.45
• Open year round
• potable and rinse water (non-potable) available
• dump station is big rig friendly
Dump Station should be availablePotable and Rinse Water AvailableBig Rig FriendlyWheelchair accessiblePhone Available

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Other Cities/Towns Nearby

You may be interested in these other cities/towns that are nearby Scarsdale New York ('as-the-crow-fly's') for RV dump stations: White Plains NY (2 miles / 3 kms), Ardsley NY (3 miles / 5 kms), Harrison NY (4 miles / 6 kms), Elmsford NY (4 miles / 6 kms), Tuckahoe NY (4 miles / 7 kms), Dobbs Ferry NY (4 miles / 7 kms), Irvington NY (5 miles / 8 kms), Mamaroneck NY (5 miles / 8 kms), Bronxville NY (5 miles / 8 kms), Hastings-on-Hudson NY (5 miles / 8 kms), New Rochelle NY (5 miles / 8 kms), Rye Brook NY (5 miles / 9 kms), Rye NY (6 miles / 9 kms), Larchmont NY (6 miles / 9 kms), Yonkers NY (6 miles / 10 kms), Tarrytown NY (6 miles / 10 kms), Port Chester NY (6 miles / 10 kms), Pelham NY (7 miles / 11 kms), Sleepy Hollow NY (7 miles / 11 kms), Mount Vernon NY (7 miles / 11 kms), Hawthorne NY (7 miles / 11 kms), Pelham Manor NY (8 miles / 13 kms), Nyack NY (9 miles / 15 kms), Pleasantville NY (9 miles / 15 kms), Briarcliff Manor NY (10 miles / 16 kms), Bronx NY (12 miles / 19 kms), Ossining NY (12 miles / 19 kms), Manorhaven NY (12 miles / 19 kms), Glen Cove NY (12 miles / 20 kms), Kings Point NY (13 miles / 21 kms), Bayville NY (13 miles / 21 kms), Sea Cliff NY (13 miles / 21 kms), Mount Kisco NY (14 miles / 23 kms), Great Neck NY (14 miles / 23 kms), Croton-on-Hudson NY (15 miles / 24 kms), Chestnut Ridge NY (15 miles / 24 kms), Great Neck Plaza NY (15 miles / 25 kms), Spring Valley NY (16 miles / 25 kms), New Square NY (16 miles / 25 kms), Haverstraw NY (16 miles / 26 kms), East Hills NY (17 miles / 27 kms), Flushing NY (17 miles / 27 kms), North Hills NY (17 miles / 27 kms), Kaser NY (17 miles / 27 kms), New Hempstead NY (17 miles / 27 kms), West Haverstraw NY (17 miles / 28 kms), Airmont NY (18 miles / 28 kms), Queens NY (18 miles / 28 kms), Manhattan NY (18 miles / 29 kms), Astoria NY (18 miles / 30 kms), Williston Park NY (18 miles / 30 kms), Wesley Hills NY (19 miles / 30 kms), Stony Point NY (19 miles / 30 kms), Mineola NY (19 miles / 31 kms), New Hyde Park NY (20 miles / 31 kms), Westbury NY (20 miles / 32 kms)

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