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How many digits are enough for my GPS?

48.1?   48.12?   48.123?   48.1234?

How many digits of precision do we need for RVing?

1 degree of latitude (and 1 degree of longitude at the equator) equals 60 nautical miles. A nautical mile is 6,076.11549... (it goes on and on!) feet in length. Close enough to 1.15 statute miles, which makes 1 degree equal to 69 statute miles.

(nautical miles are interesting: 1 minute = 1 nautical mile, so the world is 60*360 nautical miles North South, and around the equator or 21600.

decimals degrees miles-statute feet inches
0 1 69 364320 4371840
1 0.1 6.9 36432 437184
2 0.01 0.69 3643.2 43718.4
3 0.001 0.069 364.32 4371.84
4 0.0001 0.0069 36.432 437.184
5 0.00001 0.00069 3.6432 43.7184
6 0.000001 0.000069 0.36432 4.37184

The difference between 48.898748 and 48.898749 is 4.4 inches.

Four digits, or around 36 feet, is really about all you need for normal navigation with your RV.

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