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Frequent Asked Questions

"Frequent Asked Questions" (FAQ's) about RV Dump Stations, Sani Dumps, Dump Points & RVing

We try to keep the abbreviations used on this site to a minimum as abbreviations have different meanings depending on where you are from. Some abbreviations found on Sanidumps.com may see are:

What is exactly is a RV?

What are RV holding tanks?

Sanitary Dump Station Definition?

What is a dump station?

Basic steps for emptying the holding tanks?

When should we dump the black water tank?

Cleaning Rubber Roofs of RVs?

Can I always rely on RV antifreeze to keep my tanks from freezing up?

Why are some locations closing their dump stations?

How Do You Clean Sewage Tanks?

How to instructions for Flushing with Gray Water?

phred Tinseth Simple Sewage Tricks?

Should I drive with full holding tanks?

Is it against the law to dump your holding tanks anywhere?

Did you know . . .

Can I safely dump my holding tank in my home septic system?

Have You Hugged Your Holding Tanks Lately?

What are the different type of chemicals used for RV holding tanks?

Should I use household products to deodorize or clean my RV's sanitation system?

Are there active ingredients you should avoid using in your RV holding tank deodorizers?

RV Makers Adopt California's Tough Formaldehyde Emissions Limits Nationwide?

Now, that most of us know about the toxic effects of Formaldehyde, Para-formaldehyde, Quaternary Ammonium Chlorides and Bronopol based holding tank products, how do we change over?

In North America, where are most of the sani dumps?

General Maintenance Guidelines for RV Plumbing Systems

Can you tell me how to reduce the size of the font, so I can print the list on less paper?

Do all the submissions get added to the Sanidumps.com database?

What information do I need to add a new sani dump location?

What does * indicate?

Why are some sani dump listing in grey?

How accurate are the GPS coordinates?

Are there any RV regulations in Canada?

What are the Government Tourism Websites & Contact Numbers?

What is the maximum and minimum image size when sponsoring Sanidumps.com?

Does it cost to have a sani dump listed on Sanidumps.com?

How many digits of precision do we need?

Are there a lot of supporters of Sanidumps.com?

Some RV sites advertise a "Honey Wagon" service, what is a honey wagon?

Is Sanidumps.com only for British Columbia RV sani dumps?

Is there a Standard Phonetic Alphabet?

Do you have any design plans for building a RV dump station or sani station?

Is there an RV friendly sign for accommodating RV's?

RVing tips?

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Dump Station Closed Notice

Dump Station Closed

The Flats RV and Campground
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Dump Station Types

The type of recreational vehicle dump stations you will find on Sanidumps.com include: private, public, RV park, non-park, municipal, truck stop, rest stop, campground, camping, resort, commercial, pay, donation, waste disposal, and free.

It is important to dispose of human waste properly when RVing. The RV dump station, dump point, or sanidump station you choose to empty your gray and black water holding tanks is up to you; we're hoping that you will choose an approved dump station site that's green and environmentally friendly, using an environmentally sound method.

Know Where To Dump Your Tanks

Do you need to know where to dump your holding tanks when your RV is on the road? Now you can know where the RV dump Stations are while traveling with a e-book. More information about the RV Dump Station location e-book.


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We thank all the RVers that have contributed information :-)

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