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Know Where to Dump When RVs have to go...

Know Where to Dump
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Dump Station

Dear Fellow RVer:

There's nothing more frustrating than pulling your fully-loaded RV into a dump station only to find out it's closed and the next closest one is miles away. Not only are you aggravated, but you end up spending more money on fuel than you planned.

And that can cut your trip short if it happens too often.

Here's another thing to consider...

Extra weight can cause significant damage to your rig. A full holding tank sloshing around for mile after mile takes its toll on braking, steering, transmission, and alignment, and can cause blowouts or breakdowns.

Not the picture of the tranquil life on the road you were imagining, is it?

If that's not enough to make you consider parking your RV, then consider this:

Recent statistics show that nearly two thirds of RVs exceed one or more of their load ratings, and excess weight is a leading cause of RV accidents.

The dramatic increase in fuel consumption aside, full fluid tanks can add 1,000 to 2,000 pounds to your rig's GVW and, while there are RV dump stations almost everywhere, when you need one, they're impossible to find.

How do you ensure that you're one of the thirty-three percent of RVers who stay within legal weight limits and run an efficient, clean rig?

The obvious answer is to dump as soon as your tanks are ready, but RV dump stations vary in what they charge, when they're open and what other amenities they have around them. Finding a satisfactory station can be a major challenge.

Until now...

Guide to RV Dump Stations
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Sanidump's Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump Stations

Written for the RVer on the go, this comprehensive guide is the authority when it comes to RV dump stations.

My name is John Clarke and like you, I'm an RV enthusiast. Some would say I'm more than an enthusiast. My biggest frustration was finding current information on which RV dump stations were open, which were the least expensive, and which ones would have other services available nearby.

I took the skills I developed as a computer programmer and created the world's most accurate and largest database of RV dump stations in Canada, the United States, Australia and even New Zealand. My many RVing friends and fellow travelers regularly help me update this information. When they discover a new RV dump site, they pass the information along to me and I update the website daily. (It might take a couple of days when I'm out RVing, but usually, I update it the same day I get the information)

Why you need this Guide

This guide is for every RVer who has ever had to look for an RV dump station. It's chock-full of the detailed information you need to keep your rig sanitary and legal. Here's what you can expect to discover with this guide:

ebook includes

Here are a few more reasons why you need this comprehensive guide:

  • Save money! Eliminate unnecessary driving because you don't need to hunt for a RV dump station... Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle... Save RV dump fees by finding the least expensive ones...
  • Save time! Never find yourself at a closed RV dump station again! Avoid the long lineups at popular RV dump stations by knowing where the alternate ones are.
  • Safety for your family! Some police agencies target RVs because drivers can easily surpass load limits while carrying around full tanks... Insurance companies are known to deny claims when the RV is found to exceed weight limits... Sudden catastrophic failures to your vehicle happen far less frequently when your holding tanks are empty.

Get Sanidump's Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump Stations for the country you'll be traveling in today!

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, this is the most comprehensive guide to RV dump stations available today. I personally guarantee you'll find the information accurate and useful. Try my guide out for up to eight weeks. If you aren't completely delighted with the scope and depth of the information available in this guide, I will give you a complete, no-questions asked refund.

That's my guarantee to you.

Simply choose the guide you want and click on the secure order link for instant access to Sanidump's Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump Sites today!

To make your decision even easier, I am offering you an introductory price for a limited time.


John Clarke, RVer, Founder of Sanidumps.com

P.S. - Here's what a few of our customers had to say about our Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump Sites and the Sanidumps.com web site:


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