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Product Testing by the Sanidumps.com Team

There are many new and improved products targeted at RVers these days, all promising to make your RVing easier, better, safer and cool. We have been RVing for over four decades and have bought many of these products and, frankly, have often been disappointed. Then there have been products that made modest promises and have overdelivered. It is very difficult to determine if a given product or service meets or exceeds the stated benefits.

There are many testimonials and reviews now available on the internet but many of these reviews are done by "product or category experts" and not by everyday "RVers". We are RVers on a budget and seeking to take our lifestyles with us. We look for products and services that fit our situation and meet our goals of making RVing safe, environmentally friendly and fun.

Our product reviews focus on DIY RVers. If this is you, then you may benefit from our reviews.

We have been approached by suppliers to test and comment on their products. Credibility is a big deal for us and as such we have decided that we will only write about products we have actually installed on our RVs and used. We share our outcomes with the supplier of the product before we post to ensure that they know what we experienced. In most cases suppliers have been very pleased with our perspective and findings and some have actually modified their products or service or re-targeted their offerings.

To do thorough product testing and research takes time. Soon we will start posting the results of the products under test and would welcome your comments, inputs or suggestions of additional products that you want us to test. Email your comments to info@sanidumps.com.

Products and Services Tested

John's SiO2 Batteries

Description: Lead acid batteries were the standard in RVs for many years, and today you have more choices.

Read more... SiO2 Batteries by John

John's RV Rental

Description: Getting into RVing can be challenging. What type of RV is right for your style? How to find out.

Read more... RV Rental by John

Tank Sensors icon

KC's Electronic Tank Sensors, SeeLevel II System

Description:Over the last 10 years there have been several challenges with our tank readings.

Read more... Electronic Tank Sensors by KC

RVing During Winter icon

John's RVing During Winter & Freezing Temperatures

Description:Animals do it, humans do it, but we couldn't, it's a thing called migration - the traveling of long distances in search of a new habitat. John and his wife Chris decided to stay in their RV for the winter while our home was getting ready for us so this report is not about going South for the winter, we are living in our RV where we will have temperatures well below freezing.

Read more... RVing During Winter & Freezing Temperatures by John

trailer tire was wearing on the outside

John's Axle Alignment Part Two

Description: After a long RV trip of 6000 kms (3800 miles) in the fall of 2012, I noticed that the rear driver side tire on the trailer was wearing on the outside.

Read more... Axle Alignment Part Two by John

tire wear front passenger side

KC's Axle Alignment Saga 2007-2013

Description: KC soon started to see issues with axles, wheels, tires and towing.

Read more... KC's Axle Alignment Saga by KC

emergency RV flasher

RV Emergency Flasher

Description: Do you want to feel safe when you have an RV emergency on the road?

Read more... RV Emergency Flasher by John

RV Solar Panels and Inverters

Solar Panels and Inverters

Description: I had a question, did I need to buy the whole system at once? This is my journey with solar panels and inverters for RVs since 2004.

My first RV with solar had an 80 watt panel, since then I have had the following combinations of solar panels.

Read more... Solar Panels and Inverters by John

Go Power!™ by KC

Go Power!™ Solar Panels

Description: Are you always turning lights off to conserve power? Do you run out of power when boon docking or dry camping? Have your fellow RVers complained about your noisy generator? If so, we have a solution.

Read more... Go Power!™ Solar Panels by KC

Upgrading Charger and Inverter

Upgrading Charger and Inverter Setup in my RV

Description: Since we dry camp or boondock 80-90% of the time, we are required to run other AC devices such as the microwave, laptops and exhaust fan/light over the stove.

Read more... Upgrading Charger and Inverter Setup in my RV by KC

Tank Systems Monitor

iSeries Tank System Monitor

Description: How well do your RV holding tank gauges work? Do you get or have false readings? This is one of the biggest complaints RVers have with their water systems.

The iSeries Tank System Monitor by Tech-Edge Manufacturing is an industry leader in capacitive sensing technology with over twenty years development experience. Their liquid level monitors are designed for the Marine and RV manufacturers and aftermarket installers.

Read more... iSeries Tank System Monitor by John

Toilet Paper (TPT)

Toilet Paper Test (TPT)

Description: Have you ever wondered about what type of toilet paper you should use in your RV?

Have you heard that you can only use single ply RV toilet paper? We did! And we wanted to find out more for ourselves.

Read more... Toilet Paper Test by John

Water Counter


Description: An accurate fresh water meter for your RV or boat.

Why install a water meter when you already have sensors telling you how much water you have? The installed sensors are just guides and are not an accurate measure of water levels. If you boondock often like we do, you are always monitoring your power and water. With the advent of quiet portable generators and solar panels, power issues can be resolved, but we have been surprised more than once when our water has run out. We have had to pack up and leave several times as none was available for miles.

Read more... WaterCounter by KC and John

Correct Track II Bolt-on System - RVs

Correct Track II Bolt-on System

Description: Bolt-on installation to properly aligned axles to improve safety by reducing risk of dangerous blowouts, improve fuel mileage, and reduces tire wear.

Are your trailer tires wearing unlevenly? Have you had the trailer wheels aligned and the problem still exists? This may be the solution you are looking for.

Read more... Correct Track II Bolt-on System by John

Grey Holding Tank Flushing Kit - DIY

Grey Holding Tank Flushing Kit

Description: I always wondered why (most) RV manufactures only installed tank flushing systems for the black holding tanks, I believe the grey tanks needs to be flushed also since they will also produce sewer gas.

Read more... Grey Holding Tank Flushing Kit by John

Products and Services Under Testing

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is the nation's leading brand of household and personal care products that help protect human health and the environment. Our 2-ply single-roll Bath Tissue makes it easy to lessen your environmental impact. Buying products made from recycled paper reduces the need for virgin wood pulp, which means more trees are left standing.

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