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RVing in an RV rental

John and Chris Clarke have been outdoors camping and boating for over forty years in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. They raised their two daughters with a love for the outdoors by spending their summers RVing. Now that they've moved into to retirement, John and Chris are eager to RV even more. They have travelled in Canada and the USA and look forward to RVing in other countries as well.

Getting into RVing was easy for John. He was introduced to camping in his youth by his parents. They were frequent campers that moved on to RVing when John was a teenager.

When John was 19 he built his first RV, with some help from his family. It was a Class B, which is a van conversion. Which he immediately took out to explore Manning Park in B.C, Canada.

Getting into RVing can be challenging. What type of RV is right for your style of RVing? What Class/type of RV; Class A, B, C, trailer, etc.? What size? Towable or motorized? When John started RVing in the 1980s, very few rental options were available. Being unfamiliar with the industry, or what's available, can have one investing in an RV that isn't properly suited to them.

Today the investment of an RV purchase doesn't have to be so intimidating. Now there is the option of renting an RV. This gives people an opportunity to experience RVing, without the commitment. Renting allows you to try different models, and find one that fits your needs, which can help validating the investment of ownership.

"No one RV is for Everyone, For Everyone, there is an RV"
John Clarke - Founder Sanidumps.com

Is there a Better Way to Rent an RV You Haven't Heard of Yet?

If you ask a veteran RVer how they got their start, most will probably fondly recall RVing with their parents, or borrowing an RV from a friend. Some might have experience renting a rig, which sparked their desire to own their own. After all, even a modest travel trailer is a major investment... and with so many types, shapes, and sizes available, it's hard to know what you're looking for without a bit of experience under your belt.

Renting an RV is the perfect way to get a taste of this unique travel experience without putting down tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars on a RV home of your own. It gives you the opportunity to learn what you're really looking for in an RV, as well as to gain the experience you need to travel with confidence.

Of course, a lot of RVers on the road today probably rented their first rig from a big, commercial dealership - the kind with multiple, nationwide franchises and a customer service phone number that leads to an endless labyrinth of pre-recorded prompts.

But if you're considering trying out the RV life for yourself, you should know there's another way to go about renting an RV. (And yes, it's better.)

What is Peer-to-Peer RV Rental?

RVing in an RV rental

What if you could rent a unique RV directly from somebody who authentically loves and cares about that specific vehicle - who knows all its ins and outs and special features as if it were their own?

Well, you can! It's called the peer-to-peer market, and it means you're renting RVs from their actual, private owners.

The way it works is simple. Real RV owners - outdoors-loving folks and adventure enthusiasts just like you - list their private vehicles for rent on a peer-to-peer platform like RVshare. The listing comes complete with detailed photos and a comprehensive description of the vehicle's stats and features, as well as expected renter behavior and offered services. For example, the listing will let you know if pets are allowed, or if the renter will deliver and set up a towable RV to your destination for you. (So don't let the fact that you don't have a hitch to tow a rig stop you - there are options for you available.)

Once you settle on the vehicle that's right for you, you'll arrange the key pickup directly with the owner, who will also walk you through the rig to ensure you understand all its systems. Then you hit the road in your rented rig. But this one doesn't make you stick out as a moving advertisement. We've all seen the other rented RVs that are plastered with the commercial agencies decals. But you look like a natural with your home away from home!

Here's Why You Should Rent an RV on the Peer-to-Peer Market

Along with offering you an authentic taste of the RV lifestyle as it's meant to be - not the watered-down version offered to first-times through most rental franchises - renting an RV on the peer-to-peer market comes with a variety of other benefits, as well.

For instance:

  • Peer-to-peer RV rental saves you money. Private owners don't have to foot the expensive overhead cost of running a business, after all; they're just trying to make their rig pay for itself (and maybe earn a bit of extra travel budget while they're at it!). Most RV rentals available on the peer-to-peer market are listed for a fraction of the price you'd see at the big box stores, and they're often much nicer, better-appointed rigs, to boot.
  • Peer-to-peer RV rental offers you more variety than traditional renting. If you've seen one rental RV, you've seen them all: Class A, Class C motorhomes and some Campers covered in branding, and without a speck of differentiating character on the inside. Peer-to-peer rentals, on the other hand, come in every shape, size, and footprint imaginable. Want to experience an Airstream or see what #vanlife #rving #rvlife #rvliving #rvlifestyle #camping is like? With a peer-to-peer rental, you can!
  • When you rent on the peer-to-peer market, you rent from real people! No more big, anonymous corporations who don't actually care about your vacation. You'll pick up (and drop off) your keys with the actual owners, and get the deluxe tour from people who also use this vehicle to create once-in-a-lifetime memories.

How Does the Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Market Work?

RVing in an RV rental

The peer-to-peer market may sound pretty great - but it may also sound a little scary! You're supposed to pick up a mobile home directly from its owners... who are strangers to you? How do you know that they're reliable, and that their RV isn't a hunk of junk?

Well, it might be scary if you just drove by a random house and saw an RV in the front yard with a "For Rent" sign in it. But when you rent through a secure platform, like RVshare, you don't have anything to worry about - because they take care of all the logistics.

RVshare is the largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace in America, and it's got RV listings in every corner of the country. No matter where you call home (or where you're headed), you can find a motorhome, travel trailer, sleeper van, or even a fairy wagon for your adventures... and you can also rest assured that your vehicle will be safe and well-appointed.

How? Well, RVshare utilizes a unique and easy-to-use rating and verification system that allows you to see how others ranked their experience with the vehicle and its owners. All communications and monetary transactions take place through the platform, which safeguards all of your sensitive information and financial details.

Better yet, RVshare offers a worry-free rental guarantee, top-of-the-line insurance that covers your rental period from start to finish, and even has an available 24/7 roadside assistance package to ensure you never have to wonder what if?

When you rent on the peer-to-peer market, all you have to do is click, grab the keys and go... and you may even make a new friend or two while you're at it.

Want to learn more about the peer-to-peer RV rental vehicles available in your area today? Head to RVshare.com now - and let your next vacation begin!

Happy RVing,


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