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Jefferson County Fairgrounds



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15200 West 6 Avenue

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Directions (highway, mile marker, crossroads, address etc., can a tourist find the location with these instructions?):

very easy to use for people traveling along I-70; location is off of the South 6th Avenue frontage road; West 6th Avenue is US Highway 6, and you must exit at Indiana Street, then turn West on the frontage road which curves South of 6th Avenue

GPS Coordinates - Latitude:


GPS Coordinates - Longitude:


Notes (special notes, etc. to be displayed on web site):

RV dump station reported CLOSED 2019-05-13; pay at the office which is marked Fairgrounds Office/CSU Extension and is near the center of the entire fairground property near some of the barns and the gravel parking lot for horse trailers; you enter on the South side of the building, and turn Right inside to pay; RV dump station is at the very West edge (McIntyre Street) and you look for signs labeled RV/Picnic Area, there is a circular turnaround along the West edge of the property - look for a yellow painted steel security box enclosure with a red-painted spigot nearby

Operating season (season the RV dump is open):

Open year round

Water (potable, rinse, no water, etc.):

water is available; water is off during freezing temperatures

Big Rig Friendly (easy access for a 45 foot rig):

User Fee (is there a user fee charged? or is it "For Registered Guests Only" or is it Free?):

For Registered Guests Only

Optional Message to Web Site Updater:
If reporting a dump station being closed, please indicate if it is seasonal or permanent

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