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December 2016

We added the ability to show only dump stations for the current season in the listings. This will reduce having to scroll down a long page in the off season looking for a dump station.

January 2016

Monthly draw for submitting RV dump site updates continues for 2016!

Sanidumps.com has provided a free eBook each month since January 2008 to winners of our monthly draw. We launched a monthly draw for an eBook containing a comprehensive listing of RV dump stations in the country of your choice for helping us improve our listings. All you have to do is provide us with an update (a new sani station site or an update to an existing site) and your name will be entered into the monthly drawing. It's just that simple! No tickets, no number checking, heck we will also let you know by email if you have won.


October 2015

Our new website look is designed to be smart phone and tablet friendly. Larger, easier to read font. It will take a few days to change all of the pages over.

August 2015

Social Media, you may have noticed we are getting more active with social media lately.

Sanidumps is getting more social
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